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Drone Surveys Essex

No matter what kind of project you’re doing, we’re here to be your eye in the sky. Drones are increasingly being used by major construction works, to find out the size of the area that may need fencing of the land and looking at a site before work begins to gain a better perspective of scale, shape, size, and geography.

Commercial Drone Survey Services

Commercial Property

If you’re building a new warehouse, production plant, testing facility, or an office building, our drones can help you define and identify the boundaries. We offer Drone Surveys for Boundary Fence measurements, locations, and thanks to our HD high-quality cameras, we can provide evidence of any wrongdoing. This eagle-eyed view allows you to see the area you’re intent on building upon, so you can see whether a plan is viable or not. It also helps to improve your understanding of dimensions, so your blueprints can match reality.

Construction & Infrastructure Drone Survey

Infrastructure Projects

Here at Buildtech Security Solutions, we believe that no project is too complex or too big. That’s why we have been hired to do Drone Surveys for Land, in the infrastructure industry. If you’re building a bridge, a pipeline, or a dam, our services help you to understand the lay of the land, scale your project and explore the landscape without having to walk or drive everywhere. This saves you time and that saves you money.


Our drone surveying services are especially handy for farmers. We’ll show you the state of your property and take video and photographs of the land you toil. This is especially helpful when you’ve been hit by a natural disaster or you need to understand how much property you need to work on and plan your repair and or improvement projects with visual aids.

At Buildtech Security Solutions, the drone services we offer are totally customisable for your needs. Don’t hesitate to Contact us and see how we can help you!

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