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Vehicle Security Post

Whether you’re a residential customer or a commercial business, our vehicle security posts are ideal to keep your vehicles safe. Essex has seen a spike in car theft, our security posts will deter thieves from trying to steal your vehicle. Our vehicle security post can also be fitted to sensitive areas of your business, such as the loading bay of your warehouse. It can also be fitted to an employee carpark to prevent thieves from targeting parked cars that may be out in the open. Vehicle security posts can also be used to prevent too many vehicles from driving into one area and funnel the traffic how you want.

Electric/Automatic Bollards Essex

In light of the new and sometimes dangerous world, we think bollards would be great outside your business. It prevents cars from mounting the pavement and can also protect your employees from car accidents. If you have large open spaces where your employees walk, congregate and relax, bollards will give them a comforting sense of protection. This is especially needed if you have cars driving alongside their recreational zones.

Electric Bollards essex

Automatic barriers

With automatic barriers, you can stop cars from entering into your commercial property, uninvited. This also allows you to have a security desk whereby each person wanting to gain access to an area, has to provide their ID before being let through. This is something we at Buildtech Security Solutions can help you with, from the design, placement, and maintenance.

Just give us a call and we can inform you of your options and even evaluate your commercial property and help with the design and location of security measures like the types we offer.

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