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Buildtech Security Solutions - Premium Security Shutters For Your Property

Do you have residential, commercial, or industrial space in need of some extra security? With security shutters, you can provide an added level of safety at an affordable cost, and all with minimal impact to your business. Buildtech Security Solutions is here to advise on the level of security you need for your space.

Security Shutters:
Internal or External?

You can choose between internal or external roller shutters and doors. External, or ‘built-on’ roller shutters are installed on the outside of the building, and the box is visible when not in use. If you have to consider the visual appeal of your property, or storefront, internal, or ‘built-in’ roller shutters and doors may be a better option for you. These integrate into the walls of your existing property and disappear during the day when your property is in use.

Internal & External Roller Shutters Essex

Buildtech Security Solutions:
Flexible Shutter Packages

At Buildtech Security Solutions, we understand that each client has their own budgets and security shutter requirements. That’s why we offer flexible shutter packages, tailored to each client. If you wish to go for external shutters, which are traditionally the more cost-effective option, we can install these in-between existing entrances or doors, so they are less visible when not in use. Looking for internal shutters and undergoing refurbishment? We can build in shutter mounts and guide rails to fit in smoothly to your construction.

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